About Our Founder

We love our founder, – a heart of gold and Music!
LoveDale Makalanga, aka Dischord Mafriq, was introduced to music & creativity through his father, a traditional, spiritual mbira player, and his mother, – a doylist. He went on to be an award-winning musician who has operated within the Zimbabwean music industry for over 17 years as a vocalist, song-writer/lyricist, composer, producer, guitarist, film scorer, and solo performer. Since the onset of his career he has created major hits such as Ndizvo Chete, Chizevezeve, Kende Kende, and more. Such successes have afforded him opportunites to tour Africa, UK, and more. As the the CEO & Founder of MMF, he is intent on expanding and honoring African expression. He is wholeheartedly committed to his craft, entrepreneurial consciousness, uplifting artists, and culture preservation. He looks forward to cultivating a space for African sounds, instruments, and perspectives that is acknowledged globally and eternally!